150 Not Out!

The Surrey Area Group has published a newsletter for its members for at least the last 12½ years. Our next edition will be the 150th, which we consider to be quite some achievement, especially when you remember it started out as an experiment!

It may well be more but early editions were not numbered. We can state with some certainty that the 150th issue is in a contiguous publishing period, sometimes late but always published.

In that time, though it has always been edited on a computer, it has moved to:

  • full colour including photographs
  • electronic distribution using email
  • circulation outside of the area group

In addition, there have only been three editors, though the job is now shared among several.

For more about Surrey Times, and access the back issues, please click here or on Surrey Times in the menu above. Please note that back issues are restricted to members only.

So, here’s to another 150 issues, subject of course to the continued receipt of material!

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