Layout Confirmed – Portwenn by Simon King

We are delighted to confirm the attendance at Narr-O 2017 of Portwenn, a layout constructed by members of Crawley MRS but now owned by Simon King.

Portwenn – the name similarity to the setting of a certain television series is purely coincidental – is a sleepy fishing village somewhere on the coast of Cornwall.

The main export is fish from the smokehouse with regular trains of ventilated vans coming and going to take the produce away to the transhipment sidings with the Great Western Railway at the other end of the line.

The passenger service is infrequent as the fish takes priority on this line! Other freight such as agricultural machinery can also be seen appearing.

The era is very loosely stated as pre-WW2. The stock is all kit or scratch built on proprietary chassis and the fleet is certainly varied, with more waiting to be built and take their place on the roster.

The layout is analogue, direct current operation; with most points operated by the wire-in-tube method and some are powered by Tortoise motors. The two signals work by means of solenoid motors, and are quite vicious during their operation!

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