Narrow but Nice 2001

On Saturday 2nd June 2001, the Surrey Area Group of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association came perilously close to committing heresy and fraternised with their smaller scale cousins in the 009 Society to stage Narrow But Nice. The purpose of the day was really to play trains and a good few layouts we had too.

Our cousins style themselves as the Surrey Narrow Gauge Modellers and this is a constant source of amusement between the two groups, as we share the geographical area. They have their own web site which is equally interesting and contains far more photographs than this one does at present. That isn’t difficult though because the models are much smaller, so the photographs must take up less space!

How can your author remember this date with such clarity after such a time? Simple when you learn that his fellow modellers organised the event around his wedding in order that he could have a rather different kind of Stag Do the weekend before!

7mm (016.5) Scale Layouts

  • Steyning Slim Line – David Broome
  • Bodger’s End – Brian Cameron
  • Bodgit & Much Pottering – Brian Cameron
  • Circular Test Track – Steve Cobb

7mm (012) Scale Layouts

  • Knoware Tramway – Philip Moss

4mm (009) Scale Layouts

  • Ditton Railway Company* – John Thorne
  • Scrubb’s Lane Yard* – John Thorne
  • Sendup Down – Eve Everett

Trade Sales

  • 009 Society Second Hand
  • 7mm NGA Modelling Goods
  • 7mm NGA Publications

More details will be added to this page as time permits and, if any photographs can be found, they’ll be posted too. Links with * after them will open in a new window.

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