Bodger’s End – Brian Cameron

Just to prove that 7mm scale railway modelling is possible in small spaces, Brian built Bodger’s End on a 4′ x 1′ board and that includes the fiddle yard, cunningly hidden behind the low-relief warehouse buildings.

The view towards the bridge, with the fiddle yard behind the large arch and the warehouses through the smaller arch.The fiddle yard also serves as the other end of the run-round loop. The air of neglect aimed for is well portrayed here.

The wagon just visible on the left is scratch built from on strip wood and is based on a particularly decrepit example on display at Amberley.

Here is the warehouse siding, hiding the fiddle yard behind the back scene. Spot the deliberate puns!

The wagons are, from left to right, a Mercian Models resin kit on etched brass chassis,Peco styrene kit and Wrightlines styrene kit.

Couplings are Kadee H0 ones – available from Association Sales.
The view from the other end, with the rickety engine shed and, just visible, the wooden platform and shelter.Note the weed-infested track and overgrown undergrowth. The engine shed is corrugated iron on a wood frame.

The wagons are the scratch-built one referred to above and another Mercian Models kit. The loco is a Springside kit on a Dapol Pug chassis.

photos by : Alan Rogers (1950)

Here we have Bodger’s End in it’s full glory, all 4′ x 1′, overseen by it’s owner and builder Brian Cameron at the Amberley Working Museum.

Let nobody say that they don’t have the space for a model railway!

Magpie is a Wrightlines kit, whitemetal on an etched brass chassis.

As a direct result of all this weight, it is a very reliable and controllable runner, perfect for shunting on a layout like this.

Here we have the station area of the layout, with Magpie just in front of the engine shed, which is out of sight – you can just see the corner of the wooden door. The closed van is another Wrightlines kit, again whitemetal.

Shandy is another Wrightlines kit, again whitemetal. The coach is a Peco plastic kit, perfect for beginners, whilst the van is a Mercian Models resin kit on brass chassis.

photos by : Kay Butler (Wrightlines)

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