Mole End – Richard Preece

This photograph epitomises the additional detail that can be added to 0 Scale narrow gauge models over their more common 009 counterparts, whilst taking up no more space than an 00 layout.

Richard’s scenic methods are laid bare in this photograph but, as you can see below, the effect is very effective.The partial back scene hides the fiddle yard, which uses cassettes of aluminium angle on thin MDF

The full track plan of Mole End is obvious here, as the tram engine passes through the loop with a pair of two-axle coaches, while an empty wagon lies idle in the siding.The tram engine is a conversion of an LGB Gnomy children’s toy, the coaches are from a Vulcan kit and the wagon is a Mercian resin casting on an etched brass chassis.

Mole End appeared on the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association publicity stand at the Steam Gala Weekend at Amberley Working Museum in July 2006

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